Our Philosophy

Innovation, Specialisation, a full Range of Superior Products, Exceeding Expectations, Sustainable Partnerships, Knowledge of Market Trends.

We are a well-respected brand with a great team of specialists
At the Eikos Group, our philosophy is built on the development and nurturing of our team of professionals, trained and experienced across a range of risk management disciplines

We have an extensive understanding of the insurance industry
Another element of our philosophy is to ensure that we constantly analyse insurance and business trends. In this way, we combine our customers needs with cutting-edge workable solutions.

We value our customers
We have long-standing relationships with many of our clients, and these relationships are built on mutual trust. As we understand both the investment and insurance industries, we are well placed to provide them with the expertise

We believe in being more than insurance specialists. We undertake to assist our clients with their overall cost of risk, and insurance coverage forms only part of that. At Eikos, we break with the conventional approach of compartmentalised solutions by gaining a clear understanding of our clients’ strategic goals and applying integrated solutions.

We are renowned for being a company who takes integrity seriously
We pride ourselves on being open and transparent in all of our dealings. We adhere to all industry compliance requirements and support the FSB in its goals to increase the professionalism of the insurance industry.