Risk Financing

How well a business manages its risk capital is a good indication of its competitiveness and future success.

We help companies to address their strategic risk financing needs. This includes advising companies on how to identify and minimise their risks and helping then to evaluate their insurance structures and costs.

Our Service to You

Risk identification and evaluation

Once we have identified these, risks can be prevented, reduced or removed, or as is common, a combination of all three.

Risk retention

This is where you have deliberately planned to accept a loss as an excess or deliberate non-insurance. ERC will identify your best-practice retention levels and develop a solution to suit your requirements.


As experts in short-term insurance, ERC is able to advise you on the most effective insurance plan for your business. Our experience shows that most companies buy insurance unwisely because they donít know how to retain risk correctly.

Structured and multi-risk insurance markets

Eikos Risk Capital assists clients with the financing of their business risks. We can help with both multi-line and multi-year as well as single or double trigger claims programmes where clients need products supplied by the financial markets.

"Does your business have funds to cover the financial effect of unexpected losses?"