Corporate Social Investment

At Eikos, our CSI initiatives are not about producing short-term solutions. We recognise our obligation to create sustainable development within our communities, and our CSI programmes reflect our involvement with shipping and our close ties to the boating fraternity. The staff of Eikos welcome these opportunities to deliver lasting value.

Our corporate social responsibility strategy focuses on these areas:

The National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) is run by volunteers who are on call each day of the year. These highly trained men and women work tirelessly to rescue those in distress in our coastal waters. The Eikos Group continues to support NSRI in their work and applauds their selfless work in protecting all who encounter difficulties within our seas.

Sail Africa Foundation
Sail Africa Foundation is a Durban-based organisation that provides sailing instruction to previously disadvantaged South Africans.

We are proud to be associated with an organisation so focused on providing sailing skills to those who otherwise might not enjoy the pleasures of off-shore sailing. Our contributions include the payment of their insurance premiums, and supporting their many events throughout the year.

Rotary Scout
The Sea Scouts and Jewish Maritime League have combined to provide a sailing development organisation which is run from False Bay Yacht Club in Simonstown. The great work they do gives many young people the benefit of learning sailing skills and enjoying the way of life so many of us take for granted. Our collaboration with Rotary Scout enables us to sponsor their short term insurance, and to provide financial support with their race costs.