Our Charter

The Eikos pledge to client servicing is rooted in the company’s ethos of seeing each client as unique and approaching every client contact as a new opportunity for innovation. The Integrated Risk and Insurance Strategy (IRIS) adopted by Eikos professionals ensures that we think about clients in the context of their whole business and strategic future.

It is a cliché to speak of the primacy of the client today in terms of the ‘Client is King’ or that the sole purpose of being in business is the client. The purpose of being in business is to be successful. Recognising that reality as true for clients, as well as Eikos, means that our focus is to present honest, innovative ideas that meet the identified goals and objectives of each client in a specific way. Eikos will not ‘sell’ a service to a client that is not appropriate to their strategic goals and objectives; Eikos will tell clients the bottom-line unhesitatingly – in short, Eikos is committed to working in 'partnership' with its clients and presenting solutions that are appropriate to their objectives.

  • Eikos’s Client Charter is built around the key principle of integrity and core values that reflect a commitment to transparency, fairness and innovation.

  • Eikos undertakes to ensure that it understands the client’s business as thoroughly as necessary to analyse and recommend solutions and services;

  • Eikos will not offer a client any solution that is not optimal for that client or beyond what is required;

  • Prior to commencing a project Eikos will describe to the client exactly what analysis will be conducted and what specific outcomes can be expected prior to, during and at the end the consulting phase and how Eikos will be compensated for various aspects of the work undertaken;

  • Eikos commits to regular and ongoing communication with the client throughout every stage of a project or contract; in the spirit of 'partnership' Eikos will listen to input from the client at any time;

  • Eikos recognizes a duty of full disclosure to clients in the same spirit of open and honest communication as befits a 'partnership'

  • Comment, feedback or critique on Eikos’s performance is always welcomed and both formal and informal complaints will be dealt with swiftly and professionally in accordance with our Complaints Procedure

  • Eikos will ensure that all clients are serviced by properly trained and professionally qualified consultants dedicated to the highest servicing levels and standards.