The Eikos Group

The Eikos Group is involved in the business of risk, its assessment, measurement and management. Since 1999, the group's highly trained team has been delivering a unique combination of risk management, marine and credit insurance solutions to their global client base. The bespoke and hi-tech solutions developed by the group transform the way risk is understood and set new standards for turning risk into rewards.

Group Risk Management Services

Group Risk Management Services is a company that specialises in providing the full spectrum of risk management services, e.g. risk management administration and structured risk-transfer programmes. It has developed a unique 'rent-a-risk manager' approach to doing business that allows it to provide its extensive client base with focused, value-added and independent service.

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Eikos Risk Capital

Eikos Risk Capital is a strategic risk management consulting service. It focuses on the delivery of a wide range of risk management functions, specifically in the arena of risk finance. Its Integrated Risk and Insurance Strategies (IRIS) system allows it to craft specialised risk management services for its global customer base.

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